Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can take anywhere from five (to remove of hair on the lip) to forty-five minutes (to remove hair on the back and shoulders) depending on the area treated. During the treatment, you may experience a slight tingling sensation that most patients tolerate well. We will also cool your skin during the treatments, which helps to reduce any discomfort. Whether your hair removal takes a few minutes or the better part of an hour, you can plan to return to work or to your normal daily routine immediately. However, it is important that the treated areas are shielded from the sun. You may use a sun block for this protection.

The laser light achieves hair removal by destroying hair at its source, the base of the follicle under the skin. The laser will shoot a concentrated beam of light that passes through your surface skin and is preferentially absorbed at the base of the hair shaft. When the light is absorbed, it is converted to heat, a process that is similar to what happens inside a car that has been sitting in the sun. As the sun shines light into the car, the light is absorbed by the seats, wheel, and dashboard. It is then converted to heat, making them hot to the touch. The same happens to the hair shaft. Once the base of the hair follicle heats up, the ability to grow new hair is destroyed.

Only hair in the active phase of growth can be effectively and permanently removed. Only a fraction of your hair follicles are in the active phase at any given time. Thus, most people need multiple (usually 3-6) treatments to get the desired permanent effect.

The risks involved with laser hair removal are minimal. Your eyes will be shielded to avoid injury. There is a small risk of pigment changes; we rarely see any blisters. Our aestheticians and physicians are trained to calibrate the laser to each individual's skin type because everyone reacts differently to the beam. You will be provided with any further information you need during your consultation regarding lasers and any risks associated with laser hair removal.

About the Procedure

During your initial consultation, the staff of MedCOSMETIC will take a brief medical history in order to make sure the treatments are safe for you. Your specific problems and desired outcome will be discussed, and a treatment plan specifically designed for you will be recommended. If you wish, you may start your first treatment immediately! Of course, you may return at a later time if that is more convenient.

Most treatments take 20 to 30 minutes. Five minutes prior to treatment we may apply a topical anesthetic to relieve the minor discomfort sometimes experienced. We will also give you eyeshields to protect your eyes from the flashes of light. Immediately after the treatment you may apply makeup and resume your normal activities.

Return visits are scheduled every three to four weeks. We recommend that you continue to use sun block in between treatment sessions.



Is laser hair removal permanent?
We only use lasers that are approved for permanent hair reduction by the United States Federal Drug Administration. This means most patients will achieve long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing in the treated areas. The amount of permanent reduction increases with the number of treatments. Occasionally, you may have a few hairs regrow over a period of time, and we charge only a nominal fee for their removal.

What does it feel like?
Most patients feel a mild sting for a fraction of a second. We use a variety of skin cooling devices and, occasionally a topical anesthetic cream, to reduce or eliminate any discomfort.

How long do the treatments take?
We can treat some areas in only a few minutes. Others, such as the back or legs, require 20-40 minutes. For example, the underarms or bikini lines take only fifteen minutes.

How many treatments are necessary?
This is very important to understand. Hair goes through three stages of development. Only in the active stage will the laser affect hair removal. At any given time, only some of your hairs are in the active stage. For this reason, it is necessary to treat an area at least three times to see the best and longest lasting results. Most areas need to be treated 4-6 times.

Is laser hair removal safe?
Lasers have been in existence for more than thirty-five years and are used by a wide range of medical specialists. Since only light is used to remove hair, it is totally non-invasive. Your eyes will be shielded during the treatment. While there is a slight chance of skin irritation and pigment changes, these are rare due to the type of lasers we use and the training of our staff.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. You may apply right now on-line and get credit approval within minutes.


Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Pre- and Post-Treatment Guidelines

  • It is necessary for you to have one or two day's hair growth so that the areas treated are recognizable and have hair to absorb the laser light. Do not pluck or wax for at least a month prior to your treatment.

  • Please make sure you remove or wash off all make-up or lotions prior to treatment.

  • If you are currently or have been on Accutane or Gold therapy, please inform the aesthetician or physician doing your treatment.

  • Do not actively tan several days prior to your treatment.

  • Please notify the aesthetician or physician doing your treatment of any changes in your medication.


  • Please use sun block on all treated areas after your treatment and avoid prolonged direct sun exposure or tanning.

  • The treated areas should be treated like mild sunburn with moisturizers, etc. Avoid bathing or washing in very hot water. Also avoid irritating medications or chemicals such as Retin-A, Benzoyl peroxide, glycolics, or astringents.

  • You may notice your hair continuing to grow after the treatment. This is normal and after a week or two, these hairs will fall out.

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