Cellulite Removal

Mesotherapy is a treatment that was originated by Dr. M. Pistor in France in the early 1950's. His idea was to attempt to stimulate the mesoderm, hence Mesotherapy, or middle layer of the skin. It is commonly practice in France where more than 15,000 practitioners utilize Mesotherapy for the care of their patients.

The connective tissue of the body, primarily collagen, which is responsible for the maintenance of the skin, is derived from the mesoderm. Other tissues, such as fat or adipose tissue, is also derived from the mesoderm. The technique for Mesotherapy involves the injection of substances to stimulate the mesoderm to improve multiple medical and aesthetic conditions . The types of compounds injected into the mesoderm during Mesotherapy depend upon the disease process that is being treated. Natural plant extracts as well as traditional pharmacologic agents are used for the treatments. Mesotherapy is effective for a multitude of conditions because it helps reverse the physiology of that condition. In rheumatoid arthritis, for example, several agents are used to control inflammation and stimulate healing. A common aesthetic problem, Cellulite, is a condition involving the circulation as well as the lymph flow of the adipose tissue. Several compounds need to be injected to increase blood flow and lymph drainage along with compounds to break down fat.

Cellulite is a condition in which abnormal nodules of fat form in the thighs, more commonly in women than men. This gives an uneven, ruffled appearance to the skin. The condition is caused by abnormal physiology in the skin and subcutaneous fat where the flow of the vascular and lymphatic systems is hindered. At the same time, abnormal pockets of fat under the skin layer are formed.Mesotherapy injections are given to improve the vascular and lymphatic flows and help break down the fat nodules.

Mesotherapy treatments are typically given once per week. As improvement is seen, the treatments may be given less frequently, such as once every two weeks, once per month, or even once every six weeks. Most patients notice improvement in only a few sessions, but the average patient requires ten initial sessions given at one week intervals. Patients have noticed an improved, smoother appearance to their thighs. Some patients have even noticed improvement in the way their clothing fits.


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